Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Invitation to the project

I would like to invite comic artists to participate in the project of making comics inspired by the trip of a group of people trying to Rock The Union:


The comics can be serious or funny, realistic, cartoon, abstract, experimental, photocomics, collage... there are lots of options. These can be comic strips or stories shown on one or more pages. It can be autobiographic, moralistic, educational, fantastic, horror, comedy - whatever you think might work.

You would like to tell us about a UFO full of philosophers who know lots about democracy? Maybe you know a story of a bottle of something that helped you with people during your trip to an interesting place in Europe? Or perhaps you have a group of friends from many European countries who do something really special together? Please tell us about it, using the form of comics.

Please send your work - together with some information about you - before May the 16th, 2014 to pszren@wp.pl . The comics will be posted here on the blog, and later an online anthology of all the comics will be made, free to print from a pdf file.

The works should be in English or without text, unless some usage of languages other than English is necessary - this suggestion is made just in order to keep us all able to communicate with readers from different countries. If you would like to make more language versions, please send us the English language version and links to other versions - they will be also posted here.

Note: It is not allowed to promote candidates or political parties here. No hate speech or illegal content. This is a non-commercial project, the authors keep the authors rights and can publish their works elsewhere.

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